“Live simply, so others can simply live” — Mahatma Ghandi

How many times we go shopping because we need the latest thing  in the market (shoes, mp3 players, computers…you name it) and maybe you have your closet, drawers, basements, etc cluttered with stuff.  You really don’t need anything else…you just have to value the things that you already own. 

I’m not saying that that’s the way I live…but I believe that’s the way we should live.  It’s perfectly OK to want things.  We work hard and it’s just that we buy what we want, but it shouldn’t be obsessive.  Each article we buy should be something that’s really meaningful to us.

Recently, I’ve been working out the idea in my head to start putting together my art studio (probably in a corner of the living room  or in my bedroom…).  I started making a list of what I think I’ll  need for the projects I want to create Man!  Maybe I could have already bought what I needed if I hadn’t spent money on other things out of shopping obsession.  So, now I made a pledge to spend only on things that really matter and that are worthwhile and hide my credit card!

In the past days I came across Ghandi’s quote on simple living.  It made me ask myself: “and what about the people that make more than enough money??”  It might be hard for them to live simply…they can just grab what they want without even thinking… Well, in my opinion, if one has more than enough, one should also buy things that are worthwhile and that have a special meaning.  If you still have more money left, save it for bad times and if there’s still more money left…I’m sure somebody else needs it to eat, to dress, to study… to simply live…


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